Fireplace Construction

Are you thinking about installing a fireplace in your home or in a commercial set-up you have? Fireplaces can enhance the ambience of your room and are becoming a popular choice for home renovation projects.

If you own a restaurant, having a fireplace cannot only increase the aesthetic value of your business but can also add a homely touch. Fireplaces provide the kind of comfort and cosiness for yourself, your guests and your family, that no other heating appliance can.

If you are looking to save on utility costs, have a warm and cosy area for sitting or to just enhance the ambience of your room by adding a fireplace then B&D Builders can assist with your project.

We can offer you the finest fireplace construction in Melbourne. Our bricklaying expertise has gained us the reputation of being one of the best construction services providers in Melbourne.

No matter what size of fireplace you want in whichever location of your home or business, we can assure you that we will provide the best quality fireplace construction.

Our team will be more than happy to visit your home or business for a free consultation to discuss the location, size and price of the fireplace. If you have already decided about what kind of fireplace you prefer, we will make it work for you! From the starting of the project until the end, a team will be dedicated to execute the job to the best of our capabilities.

Working in consultation with you the whole time, B&D Builders will make sure we complete your fireplace construction on time and within the budget.

You do not need to wait anymore to have a nice cosy fireplace right in your home or business. For a durable and secure fireplace, contact us today.

We are ready to help you with your building needs.

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